Extend the rental period.

A customer who does not expect to be able to return the Travelbaby product at the agreed time must be notified immediately.

In such cases, it is possible to extend and then Travelbaby to accept and is subject to stock availability in relation to renting to other customers.

When agreeing on a rental extension, the customer receives an invoice by email that must be opened and that must be paid immediately. The customer must pay for those days at the daily price that appears on the Travelbaby website ( Travelbaby.is ) and is not entitled to additional days at the same price as when the original rental period was booked.

If no agreement has been reached or the tenant does not notify Travelbaby of a delay in the return of goods, daily fines corresponding to the rental price in question based on one day's rent will be added for anyone who exceeds the agreed rental time until the tenant has returned the goods.

If Travelbaby has not been notified of a delay in return and the product is not returned within three days of the end of the rental period, Travelbaby reserves the right to collect the full sales price of the product. After that, the tenant is considered to be the owner of the product