Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get delivered?

The product is delivered on the start date of the rental. You can pick up a product at Grenidal 2A at the time you selected in the booking. (7713866).

If you chose home delivery, it will be delivered on the start day of the rental between 12:00 and 20:00, we will send a message the day before with a more precise timing.

More information in the terms and conditions.

Where do I get the product?

Delivered on the start date of the booking. If you need the product at night or earlier, you also need to book the day before.

The same applies to returns. Return of products is on the final day of booking or before 8pm. If a longer deadline is required, an extra day must be booked.

If you have any problems with your booking, you can contact us by phone at 7713866 / 8945608 or by email at

How do I return the product?

The products can be returned to Grenidal 2A between 12:00 and 20:00. It is best to call ahead at 7713866 / 8945608

Please note if this time is not suitable for returning a product, you can contact us and we will try to receive products at another time.

Change or Cancel a rental

You can change and cancel your reservation free of charge 7 days before booking. to change the bookings less than 7 days before the booking time, it is best to contact us via email

To cancel or change a booking, the customer must contact us at, Notify us of cancellation or changes.

Changes to the booking can be viewed if stock allows for renting to other customers.

Customers can change or cancel free of charge 7 days before the start date of the rental and are then entitled to a full refund.

A customer who intends to change a booking with less than 7 days notice should contact and each case will be reviewed.

Cancellations after 7 days cannot be refunded.

If the customer does not pick up the product within an hour of the booked time, we judge the booking as a no show booking and the customer loses the right to the product.

In those cases, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

Rental period

A customer who does not expect to be able to return the Travelbaby product at the agreed time must be notified immediately.

In such cases, it is possible to extend and then Travelbaby to accept and is subject to stock availability in relation to renting to other customers.

When agreeing on a rental extension, the customer receives an invoice by email that must be opened and that must be paid immediately. The customer must pay for those days at the daily price that appears on the Travelbaby website ( ) and is not entitled to additional days at the same price as when the original rental period was booked.

If no agreement has been reached or the tenant does not notify Travelbaby of a delay in the return of goods, daily fines corresponding to the rental price in question based on one day's rent will be added for anyone who exceeds the agreed rental time until the tenant has returned the goods.

If Travelbaby has not been notified of a delay in return and the product is not returned within three days of the end of the rental period, Travelbaby reserves the right to collect the full sales price of the product. After that, the tenant is considered to be the owner of the product


Our strollers are "cabin approved" by all the best airlines. But contact your airline and check what the rules are. But otherwise, strollers are also welcome in the luggage storage in the bag that comes with them.

What happens if a rental product is damaged or lost?

If a product is lost or damaged, Travelbaby must be notified immediately, so we can make arrangements for the next rental.

If the product is returned in bad condition, for example broken or damaged, the payment card will be charged for the total price of the product.

If the product is stolen or lost, the payment card is charged for the total price of the product.

Travelbaby does everything to minimize costs for customers and will always look for ways to fix and get spare parts for damaged products if available. and it will be added to the total price of the rental.

If the product is returned dirty with stains that are fixed or impossible to remove and or smells like, for example, the smell of smoking, an additional fee of ISK 6500 will be charged.

Travelbaby is not responsible for design and manufacturing defects, nor for inadequate warning labels by manufacturers. The customer should familiarize himself with the product before using it.

In cases where an accident or injury occurs due to the product, even though the manufacturer's instructions for use have been followed, Travelbaby bears no responsibility

Legal entity

Travelbaby ehf

KT: 511223-0320 VAT: 151238

Phone 7713866/8945608

Grenidalur 2A 260 Reykjanesbær

Delivery 24/7

Unfortunately, our office is only open during the day. We are working on finding a partner to be able to deliver 24/7

BUT if you have difficulty collecting/returning on the same day, please contact us by phone or